The Quick and Dirty Blogher ’08 Sex Video

This past weekend I attended Blogher ’08 women’s blogging conference in San Francisco. I didn’t expect to meet so many mommy bloggers, so few sex bloggers and so many wonderful people.

When I first walked into the conference hall of the Westin St. Francis, I spotted Sarah Dopp’s sexy head and pulled up a seat next to her. (Sarah’s the reason I attended Blogher in the first place.) I hadn’t yet developed my spiel and when everyone looked at me for an introduction, I said:

“I have a video blog and work at a web company.”

That wasn’t gunna cut it. After introducing myself a few times more, my general spiel evolved into:

“I’m Fivestar. I have a personal video blog that covers events I go to. I work in the porn industry so I tend to focus on themes of sex, BDSM and Porn.”

People reacted really well, aside from that one mommy blogger who responded to my intro with “we have nothing in common” (and even then, she warmed up to me later in the conference). Approaching people openly about what I do sparked a dialog many, especially mommy bloggers, were itching to engage in. Whatever my qualifications, I felt like an ambassador for sex, porn and kink.

It didn’t take me too long to find a few women who openly blogged about sex. I videotaped interviews with them and threw them together in a compilation (see above).

This video features:

Cynthia Gentry writer of What Men Really Want in Bed and Mind-Blowing Orgasms Every Day. She blogs at The Mind Reels: Musings on movies, sex, motherhood and yes, infertility.

“I was looking for some way to turn myself on, so I started writing erotica.”

J.D. Bauchery porn blog writer for HotMoviesForHer and Masters Student in Human Sexuality Education. Listen to why she works as a sex blogger and find out her favorite Queer Porn titles.

“My job’s really awesome.. I get to write about hot Queer sexuality that sometimes other porn sites don’t talk about.”

Lovebabz co-founder of The Pussy Chats, No lost puss in the woods. Safe Haven 4 Real Grown Folks on: Discovery, Pride, Health & Lots of Luv

“…we have people who post regularly and who are eager to see what we are talking about around pussy every day.”

Additional appearances:
The Bloggess

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  1. crunchy carpets

    “we have nothing in common” – lol….so yah…there is like noooo reason to talk – no reason to get to know someone from different backgrounds..snort…

    straight mommy blogger here and I LOVED that the lesbian crowd was reprisentin at BlogHer…

    boo yah!

  2. shuna fish lydon

    o! this is delicious. and wondrous. and i’m so glad you made it and edited it. at blogher it’s impossible to put all faces to blogs and then even if you’re doing ok at it you come home and look at the cards and can’t remember everything. this video helps. so i think next year you should be on a panel.

    fantastic to meet you.

  3. Fivestar

    Kathryn- Thanks, it was so great meeting and hanging out with you! Hope to keep in touch.

    Crunchy Carpets- Thanks for your openness and support:)

    Shuna- Glad you liked the video. Really great meeting you and I hope to run into you soon.

    Lovebabz- It was a pleasure meeting you as well. Thanks for the interview and your efforts to demystify The Pussy online. (and… I’m following you back on twitter!)

  4. Maria

    I thought you were awesome, even though our meeting was brief [Ruby Skye smoke lounge]. You broke my BF’s heart when you revealed you had a girlfriend. 😛

  5. Fivestar

    Hey Maria,
    After all the complimentary drinks that day, I still remember your face. Just for the record, I don’t believe in girlfriends (for me) but I do believe in love, friendship and sex… and yes, I’m a big ol’ queer:)

  6. Jill - GlossyVeneer

    In the “real” world, we probably wouldn’t have ever met or connected on anything. But I had a good time eating lunch with you and learning a little about you and the video blogging you do. I think it’s awesome that you were at BlogHer and I hope the diversity represented at BlogHer continues to expand each year.

  7. Cynthia

    Hi Fivestar,
    So great meeting you at BlogHer, and thanks for the interview! I was really flattered that you asked me and had fun doing it.

    A turn about is fair play (or something like that), so I posted about your video over at The Mind Reels (http://the-mind-reels.blogspot.com/2008/07/blogher-08-fivestar-interviews-me-at.html).

    Hope we can stay in touch…I’m now following you on Twitter, too! I agree with Jill. I’m glad BlogHer gave us a chance to meet, and I hope the conference continues to get more diverse every year.

  8. Jiz Lee


    For ‘quick and dirty’ that sure was a great vlog!
    I love all the comments on this post — shows that you really connected with a lot of people, and had fun while you were at it.

    Opening dialogs and sharing ideas and conversations.
    Geez, that is what it’s all about, isn’t it?


    P.S. So very glad you don’t ‘have a girlfriend’… ; )

  9. Zhadi

    Cindi G. gave me the link to this (and also is responsible for my new parttime career as an erotica writer), and I really enjoyed it the interviews and look forward to exploring the site!

  10. Zip n Tizzy

    To my new BFF!
    I had such a great time hanging out with you last weekend. Could you tell?
    This mommyblogger thinks you’re the cat’s meow, and I can’t wait to hang out with you more once the Blogher dust settles.
    You really are the best!

  11. Fivestar

    Hey Marz- Send me the link and I’ll post it for you.

    Cynthia- Thanks so much for agreeing to do the interview. I’m following you back and yes, lets keep in touch.

    Jiz Lee- Glad you like the video… I meant it when I said you should try to come next year. It was more awesome than I imagined it could be… and “;)” right back at’cha!

    Dana- Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to check out your erotica… I’ll explore you’re site when I’m back from visiting my family and they’re not hovering over my shoulder!:)

    Zip N Tizzy!- BFF! I’m so happy that we met and hung out at Blogher. You’re pretty damn great yourself. And YES, lets hang out!

  12. J.D. Bauchery

    It was so rad meeting you, the other sex blogging pervy queer! Thanks for the interview and letting gab on and on about hot sweaty queers and girlie porn… but really, what else would I go on and on about?!? Anyway, thanks for all the hangouts and the good times.

    We best keep in touch, cause I’ll have it no other way!


  13. fivestar

    J.D.- Soooo awesome finding you at Blogher. Thanks for hanging out and the interview. I’m sure we’ll be in touch. Yay, Sex Blogging Pervy Queers!

    Tricia- Thanks for stopping by! So great meeting you:)

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