DIY iPhone Bike Mount

My imagination is getting carried away about how to blog from the AIDS/Lifecycle.  I figured out a long and complicated way to post updates here from my iPhone that include embedded video (see Mobile Blogging).  I was originally planning on just recording end of the day thoughts, like a diary, and posting them to my blog.

With my new set up, I realized I needed a handy place to store my phone besides my bento box because my Clif Bar kept getting stuck to it.  I looked into handle bar bags but realized that I don’t really need the extra room.  I started looking at phone mounts because it seemed like the lighter easier alternative.  Then I found the Dahon Biologic iPhone bike mount and started to drool.  I almost whipped out my credit card but figured that I’ve bought so much gear for this ride that I should look into some money saving alternatives.

After much internet surfing, I came up with an alternative that I could make out of stuff I already had.

  • CATEYE Flex Tight Mount (I’m pretty sure it’s this one)
  • discarded plastic container (you could also use a plastic card)
  • duct tape
  • 1 sheet of paper


  • scissors
  • printer

First I adapted the CATEYE mount.  I unscrewed the screw that held the attachment point on the mount.

Then I cut a rectangle out of discarded plastic packaging.  This plastic was used to hold a roll of electrical tape (Over-packaging, I know!).  You can use any stiff plastic you can find.  I thought that an old plastic card would also be good (think Safeway card or swipe laundry card).

Then I made a hole with scissors in the card (you could use a drill, but that might be overkill) and screwed the plastic rectangle onto the CATEYE mount.

Then, I made the case using the Lifehacker Print and Fold iPhone Case pattern.  I printed it out and then covered the back side with Duct Tape.  I cut out the pattern and started folding it and realized that I did it inside out.  So then I flipped it over with the paper facing outside and realized the case needed some adjustments.  I cut and taped the case until it fit my phone snug enough so that the phone wouldn’t fall out.  I didn’t worry about leaving holes for the speaker, volume or charger because I don’t anticipate using those while I’m riding.

Then I attached the iPhone case to the mount placing the case between the plastic rectangle and the CATEYE mount and then covered the screw with duct tape to prevent it from scratching my phone.

I decided to make the flap on the top longer so that it could close by tucking under the CATEYE mount.

This is what my iPhone Bike Mount looks like on my bike!  (My phone is not in it because I’m taking the picture with it.)

I loaded my camera in and recorded a test video.


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  1. haaa it worked pretty well haa?? the only thing is the sound jaja but maybe because i am using my head phones.


  2. not so bad! It’s way better on mute! Now to find a way to upload a large video to youtube w/ my phone. My method seems to only like short videos.

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