Training Rides in Review

I’ve been so busy training and moving apartments that I haven’t been able to update my blog.  So here’s a brief summary of the rides I’ve been doing in the past month or so.

Twin Peaks

Point Reyes – 80 miles, April 18th

I decided to skip the last day of International Ms. Leather to ride to Pt. Reyes with Lynn to train.  We were going to do the 80 mile Tour de Cure ride at the beginning of May, so this was a good precursor.  The most lasting memory of this day was the intensity of the sun.  We bought some spray on sunscreen, but it was too late.

ALC Day on the Ride– 70 miles, April 24th

The day on the ride was really cool!  We went on this great route to the south bay and Canada Rd.  I wish I still have the route sheet, cause I’d do it again.  There was a significant amount of climbing and people who have ridden in ALC before said it was harder than any day on the ride.

Tour de Cure– To Benefit the American Diabetes Association Ride May 2 80 mi

Lynn and I rode in the Tour de Cure with the SF Citadel team.  I was pretty stressed out from moving apartments and the logistics of getting to Napa, finding a place to stay, and driving a car.  Once we got on the ride everything was great.  The sun was really really intense, but we were pretty vigilant about applying sunblock.  I drank a lot of water but I still got dehydrated.  The most unfortunate thing about the ride was the use of plastic water bottles.  This broke my heart every time I loaded up water into my CamelBak and water bottles.  I ended up with about 3 plastic water bottle carcasses at each rest stop and the beginning and ends of the rides.  I must have used 14 bottles of water.  This really upset me.  I need to give some serious feedback.

Other than that, the ride was great.  Near the end, I started getting some cramps in my feet and needed to stop and stretch.  After that I decided to get some Specialized Body Geometry footbeds for my cycling shoes, and they’ve been working great!

Fairfax and Tiburon loop- 63 Miles, May 8

Last weekend, I went on a solo ride to Fairfax and back around through Paradise Rd.  I ran into a lot of people training for the AIDS/Lifecycle.  Some of which just started training that day!  They looked strong, I’m sure they’ll be fine.

Point Reyes/ Cheese Factory– 93 Miles, May 9

Getting back on my bike for a 93 mile ride after riding 63 the day before was a little bit challenging.  I was sore and not as quick as the day before, but I had a lovely time with Lynn.  We snacked along the way including buying some cheese at the Marin Cheese Factory.  Unfortunately we accidentally got cheese that was supposed to be ready in 90 days, but we ate it anyway!

Petaluma- 101 Miles, May 15

I’m happy to have completed my fist century ever! Lynn and I followed the CATSeries route to Petaluma.  It was incredibly beautiful and hilly (climb of 8059 ft).  There was a section called Wilson Hill where I actually thought to get off of my bike and walk.  My relationship with hills has changed a lot since training for the ride and this was the first time since I started training considered walking up a hill as a viable option… Bu there was no way I was going to walk it.  I just kept at it and eventually met Lynn at the top of a beautiful vista.  It was like a fairytale.  I remember asking “are we still in California?”.

18 more days!

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  1. Hi there! If you’re still looking for the route sheet for Day on the Ride, it is here.

    This year’s Day on the Ride was roughly comparable in difficulty to Day 1 of ALC, although the excitement and adrenaline of Day 1 probably will make it seem easier. In fact, about 15 miles of the two routes are the same, so a lot of that territory will look familiar in just a couple more weeks.

    No other day of ALC has as much climbing.

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