AIDS/Lifecycle 9: Day 7

Day 7- Ventura to LA

Day 7 started off the usual way.  I ate, packed up my tent and headed to yoga on the beach.  I approached the previous class and noticed that the instructor was slower and more calm that day.  I gazed out at the water, waiting for the class to begin.

We practiced facing the ocean.  The instructor stopped a few times to point out dolphins.  Afterward, while all the other cyclists were scrambling to get on the road, we sat on the beach, breathing.

This was it.  We were almost done… but 60 miles is no joke after riding 6 days straight.  My main driving thought was meeting Lynn at the finish line.  I rode deliberately through the ride.  Making decent time.  I took extra long at the rest stops cause… damn, I was tired.  After lunch in Malibu, I started feeling sleepy.  Oh no!  I hadn’t felt that way the whole ride.  Other people said they felt the same way.  I talked to riders with family members who followed by car with coffee drinks.  That reminded me that I had Java Juice coffee extract in my CamelBak.  I guzzled down my instant coffee and headed on the last 17 mile stretch of the ride.

Traffic heavy, this last stretch pulled us through LA and up a hill for our final destination.  I picked up a few people behind me following my pace and passing.  This is the second time this happened on the ride.  I thought it was kind of cool.  It is easy to pass other people when the person in front of you does it.  (It’s also easy to get trapped behind someone who is going slower than you and a racing line of cyclists to your left.  Bummer.)

We pulled up to a stoplight right before we approached our destination.  The cyclist in front of me started to slowly fall to her side (We all know that clip stuck in your pedal fall).  Without thinking, I reached over my handlebars and grabbed her rear rack to steady her.  She didn’t end up falling but was quite startled.  Funny how things like that can happen so close to the end.

Many people were cheering us on as we rode into the LA VA center.  I think I was most excited as I saw Lynn.  I didn’t cry but a huge scream poured out of my gut.

I parked, got my t-shirt and waited around with Lynn.  The closing ceremony was slightly anti-climactic.  They asked us all to ride around the block.  We were riding extremely slow and close to each other when and a rider in front of me tipped over and caused a domino effect, knocking down a hand full of cyclists.  That made a few people grumpy.  The closing ceremony it self had beautiful and sad moments.  I cried.  As the sun beat down on us, I wished I had a hat.

On our way out of the VA, I spent my time trying to convince Lynn to sign up for ALC 10 with me.  We were totally going to do it, but I was tired of standing in lines so we decided to sign up soon after, and we did!

I’m excited for more training and adventure to come and so happy to be a part of such an amazing event.

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  1. Thanks so much for blogging your ride. I have to say congratulations all over again! I imagine that the feeling of accomplishment must be so sweet. I can’t wait till next year. Thanks again and be careful out there!


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