Update 2013

I’ve been quiet.  For the past 650 days or so, I’ve limited my social networking to Facebook, where I know most of my “friends” IRL.  I withdrew from a broader discussion and kept more to myself and a smaller circle.  Now, I’m ready to reengage.  Reengage with boundaries and a better awareness of what this medium is all about.

So, I’ve been busy.  I’ve been working full-time as a Cinematographer at Kink.com.  I’m currently working with a team of remarkable women who produce all of the FemDom sites for the company.  They call us “The Bitches”, Kink Bitches.


I’m thankful for this job, my crew and the opportunity (shooting 10-12 one hour movies a month) to experiment with lights and cameras.  We have fun!

Fivestar’s Cinematography Reel 2012 from Fivestar on Vimeo.

Busy with work, I’ve had limited time to work on outside projects. Of my extracurriculars, The 48 Hour Film Project should be mentioned. It started out with a small group and expanded to a crew of about 25. The Mission: Produce a movie from start to finish in 48 hours using a random genre, character and prop. We drew the genre Holiday/Travel Film and were assigned the character “Lance/Leslie Lombardo” and the prop “business card”.   Not only did we win some awards, we worked together so beautifully and everyone’s talents came together for a quirky and quality short.

A Stockholm Christmas REMASTERED from Hard Limit Productions on Vimeo.

As far as my personal life goes, I’m still trying to figure out what I’d like to share with anyone who stumbles upon this site. I will say, things are good. I’m in love with my amazing partner and am surrounded by a loving supportive community. I’m even making some progress, albiet very slow, with my family. Overall things are good.

I hope to post more regularly. Maybe a FootWorship.com excerpt I’m particularly proud of, profound realizations ::shrug:: or anything I thing people might find of value.

Happy New Year!