Update 2014

Apparently, I’m not much of a blogger these days. It’s been over a year and half since my last update. I’m still working full time at Kink.com. I’m still shooting a lot of video and playing with lights.  I’ve started guest directing more and have directed or rigged (bondage) for over 30 movies. The challenge is really fun and I love my coworkers.  MM takes the best BTS photos!

On top of my production work, I’ve been doing some rigging for performance and instruction. I’ve become a sort of regular rigger at Fete de Kink, a bondage themed club night. These performances have tended to be fast, furious and a lot of fun!

I also lead a class on rope bondage for the UC Davis Gender and Sexuality Commission. Originally they estimated about 20 students would attend the presentation and over 50 showed up! A bit overwhelming but such a blast to see so many people enthusiastic to learn bondage. Other milestones this year include working with a very talented group of people to make this queertastic music video:

and getting a dog.

Me and our new dog Bobby.

Me and our new dog Bobby.

As of now, I really can’t say what I’ll use this blog for in the future. I’m having a hard time really figuring it out. A lot of my old videos were deleted due to a terms of service and business model change where they were hosted at blip.tv, and my old WordPress theme was kind of janky so the old post don’t really appear complete. We’re also living in a time where Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and fans (if you can handle the privacy drama and the annoying adds). So, in case anyone is reading this, there may be a time where I’m updating more regularly but really, it’s all just up in the air.  Thanks for stoping by if you did and feel free to find me on the social media sites and/or drop me an email.

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