Kink University Debut

Over the past several years, I’ve occasionally presented kinky educational material to live classes to share my love of the topic (mostly rope bondage) and for the first time ever, I presented a class on e-stim for Kink University.Kink University E-Stim

I’m usually not too shy appearing on camera. I jumped at the opportunity to answer questions for James Franco’s documentary “Kink” about BDSM, porn and Kink.com. I had a stint of personal video blogging where I confidently pointed the camera at my face and talked (and sang) about a variety of topics. If you google some key terms you might find old footage of me in front of the camera in more vulnerable situations, but presenting for Kink University felt somewhat different. The studio lights were really, really hot. It wasn’t a conversation with someone behind the camera. It was just me, my lesson plan, and a hot woman (Ingrid Mouth) smiling next to me while I dumped as much info about e-stim as I could muster onto the nameless faceless Kink University audience.

I was very nervous. I wanted to do a good job. I wanted to introduce electrical play to an audience in an interesting way, not only so they could check out the awesome movies on electrosluts.com but also so they could learn something that might help expand (or even enhance) their own personal play.

My nerves slowly melted away as the demonstration part of the presentation began. It was way easier to talk about a topic when I was interacting with someone else, and Ingrid Mouth was a great sport, good company, and really great demo model! After all my “um’s” and “so’s” and flubs were edited out of the piece, I’m feeling good about the way things turned out. I feel like every time I teach something, I learn something more about the subject matter and how to present more effectively.