KinkyCuisine: Behind The Scenes with JuJu Apple

This weekend I shot the 3rd episode for KinkyCuisine. I’m still having issues getting the website together. We’re up, but not exactly running. I hope to be up and running with a bi-monthly cooking show and kitchen pinups. I should probably put up a good landing page instead of what is up next. I’ll keep you all posted.


Fight Therapy

Yesterday I went to Shawn and Kara’s 8th anniversary celebration with my friend Charlie. The most intense and exhilarating part was “Fight Therapy” lead by Melissa Wyman. She taught us 3 specific moves and we had one minute to exercise them with each other. Thanks to Jez for holding the camera while Charlie and I duked it out.


Another great shoot

Last night’s photo shoot with Terry was fun. I love the forced perspective in this walkway.

We also tried two other night locations. A parking lot and a parking garage. As people walked by the shoot in the dimly lit parking lot, they turned their heads to stare at me in a boobalicious shirt and Terry with all of his equipment.

One of the passerbys decided to come back to enjoy the show. I didn’t really mind the voyeurism until he unabashedly started jacking off through is pocket. A little annoyed I yelled “Hey buddy, I take tips!” I laughed it off and we continued with the shoot. The clean cut suburbanesque wanker kept beating off through his neatly pressed khakis. Annoyed, I decided we should leave.

After spending a good amount of time searching for another location, we stumbled upon a well lit parking garage and got some good shots.

Terrence Taylor

I am writing this blog while I wait for Terry, one of the photographers I met at Folsom Street Fair. Marcel and Sir were in town and we arrived dressed more than appropriately. I don’t know if it was our fierce hottness or Marcel’s twelve inch hairstyle, but we attracted paparazzi like fruit flies to the produce on my kitchen counter (I have a fly problem). Terry took a picture of us (top) and since then we have met up for a photo shoot.

I’m sitting in fishnets and my new skirt, waiting for our second photo shoot for a second try in a construction walkway (bottom).


Sanyo Xacti

I just bought the Sanyo Xacti E1. We’ll see how it works!! It will be here in 2 business days:) In the meantime I’ll be getting my blogs ready. This one is the most functional and the easiest. I’m working on a blog for to host on my personal server using a template from Show In A Box. I have so many broken links and don’t really know how to manipulate the design. There is not enough documentation on all of this, so I’m just using trial and error.

Any way, I should get to work!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.



I’m just getting started. I got the domain. I got the motivation. Here I am on my free blog!

I took a Video Blogging Class at BAVC with Schlomo. Learned a lot of new tricks. So here’s my go.

To Do:
-choose template
-customize template
-replace blogger URL w/
-Buy a Sanyo Xacti