Cunts for Fags


Geislingen an der Steige

http://fvet.es/?anafilakticheskiyshok=alba-texas-cartelera&b15=24 Last night I went to the Center for Sex and Culture to attend Cunts for Fags, a class geared towards gay men concerning innie sexual anatomy. The witty instructor progressively removed articles of clothing until she revealed her cunt, explaining the intricacies of her anatomy.

Along with visual aids and two other live models, attendees were able to see and even feel the internal and external parts of the cunt.

Most of the attendees were gay men (I enjoyed seeing their intrigued and surprised reactions to the visual demonstration) however, a variety of genders and sexualities were represented at the class.

Afterwards, I was able to interview a few attendees and people responsible for putting on the class, including sex educator Carol Queen. I recommend the class to everyone and would even like to propose a Cunts for Cunts class!!

24 Hour Show

The 24 Hour Show is a group of friends who take 24 hours out of the year and produce (from start to finish) artwork to be displayed at an undisclosed location. Twenty four hours before the show the location is disclosed via text message or on the website. I caught a few video clips of the art displayed and artist Shawn Tamaribuchi says a few words about the show. Other artists participating in the show: Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik, Elokin, Jez Kuoko’ono Lee, Mia Nakano, Christine Pan, Han Pham, and Elizabeth Sy.


Ladies Night Rap: Julie Fucking Potter and Caroline Smith

I went to Mecca’s Ladies night for the first time last week. Powerlesbians sounds like a fun role playing gayme, but from everything I heard about Ladies Night, it just wasn’t my cup of $12 cocktail. When I heard there was live music, I headed down there to meet up with a friend.

I was right about the crowd but Julie Fucking Potter and Caroline Smith helped make the place more enjoyable. Thanks ladies! Hope to see you perform again.


The Sixtits- Paris, France

I had the pleasure of meeting 4 of The Sixtits while in Paris. Two tits were out of town… but you can hear her vocal stylings on their myspace page.

Since she was out, the band let me improvize on the mic!! I even jumped around!! The band is hot, edgy and super fun! Hope they can come and play in San Francisco!


Winter Solstice Celebration

I know, it’s been almost a month since winter solstice… I figure, better late than never. This video is a compilation of performances from the Radical Faeries Summer Solstice Celebration.

Performers that night were Ambrosia Salad, Ginger Snap, Crystal Cobra Faerie Oracle, Veda de Voe, Jupiter… at least that’s what it said on the electronic flier. If you know any of these people let me know, I’d love to get in contact with them.

Thanks to all the performers and Clara for bringing me there. What a beautiful time!

Adult Entertainment Expo 2008

On my way from Paris back home to San Francisco, I stopped by the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas to work the convention with NakedSword. Las Vegas is a crazy place engineered to manipulate your senses. Stir in a butt load of mainstream pornstars and Vegas becomes a super plastic megalopolis. Special thanks to my fellow NakedSword/AEBN men and women. Extra slippery thanks to the Abby Winters girls!!! Yum!!! (note: depending where you work, this video may not be work safe)


New Years Underground Paris

***This video is down for maintenance*** update soon!

I spent my new years underground with Tristan and his friends. This video is just a sample of the footage I got that night. Thats all I’ll say about that right now. So unique and fun!