Fivestar’s Podcast

This is a short exercise I did while taking Podcasting 101 at BAVC with Christopher Willits. I wanted to interview him about podcasting but he was too shy. Desperate for content to practice with, I sent a call out to my Twitter followers. Gastronomicdiva came to the rescue with content from Swing Life Style. I ended up laughing a little while reading it in class and there was a formatting problem on the page that blocked the text. Any way, hopefully I’ll use these ideas sometime in the future.

Brutal Affection: Punching, Kicking, Slapping and Sex…

I’m still recovering from International Ms. Leather weekend 2008. I met some great hot people, took advantage of their 24 hour play spaces and attended some fun and informative workshops including Brutal Affection: Punching, Kicking, Slapping and Sex… lead by Felice Shays.

The class description reads:

“It ain’t about the brawn. Regardless of your size, gender, or physical ability, this highly interactive workshop uses scads of demonstrations to teach you fierce, passionate methods of slam, slap and thud. Learn to use your brain and a multitude of body parts to bring you and your partners to new found levels of physical, sensual, sexual intensity and intimacy. With humor, affection, straight talk, and smarts, Felice Shays will discuss and demonstrate technique, safety, partnered positions, head space, anatomy and helpful items. Also, as time allows, Felice will work with individuals, dyads and other combinations of partners to resolve their dilemmas of inequity of size, status, attitude or muscle. Open to all genders, all physical abilities, and all levels of experience.”

More coverage on IMSL coming up!