The Quick and Dirty Blogher ’08 Sex Video This past weekend I attended Blogher ’08 women’s blogging conference in San Francisco. I didn’t expect to meet so many mommy bloggers, so few sex bloggers and so many wonderful people. When I first walked into the conference hall of the Westin St. Francis, I spotted Sarah Dopp’s sexy head and pulled up a seat next to her. (Sarah’s the reason I attended Blogher in the first place.) I hadn’t yet developed my spiel and when everyone looked at me for an introduction, I said:

Omagh “I have a video blog and work at a web company.”

That wasn’t gunna cut it. After introducing myself a few times more, my general spiel evolved into:

“I’m Fivestar. I have a personal video blog that covers events I go to. I work in the porn industry so I tend to focus on themes of sex, BDSM and Porn.”

People reacted really well, aside from that one mommy blogger who responded to my intro with “we have nothing in common” (and even then, she warmed up to me later in the conference). Approaching people openly about what I do sparked a dialog many, especially mommy bloggers, were itching to engage in. Whatever my qualifications, I felt like an ambassador for sex, porn and kink.

It didn’t take me too long to find a few women who openly blogged about sex. I videotaped interviews with them and threw them together in a compilation (see above).

This video features:

Cynthia Gentry writer of What Men Really Want in Bed and Mind-Blowing Orgasms Every Day. She blogs at The Mind Reels: Musings on movies, sex, motherhood and yes, infertility.

“I was looking for some way to turn myself on, so I started writing erotica.”

J.D. Bauchery porn blog writer for HotMoviesForHer and Masters Student in Human Sexuality Education. Listen to why she works as a sex blogger and find out her favorite Queer Porn titles.

“My job’s really awesome.. I get to write about hot Queer sexuality that sometimes other porn sites don’t talk about.”

Lovebabz co-founder of The Pussy Chats, No lost puss in the woods. Safe Haven 4 Real Grown Folks on: Discovery, Pride, Health & Lots of Luv

“…we have people who post regularly and who are eager to see what we are talking about around pussy every day.”

Additional appearances:
The Bloggess


SF Pride 2008: Rope

Check out a random assemblage of clips featuring my pride weekend with rope! Thanks to Kara for letting me dress her up, Tanya for kicking my ass (yes, I know I look like a wuss… but I’m tiny and was distracted… I want a rematch, even if I know I’ll loose.). Special thanks to Jez and Karole for excellent camera work. Additionally, thanks to all the queers who shared the love at Pride this year.