Paradise Half Loop Yesterday, Lynn and I set off to ride Paradise loop.  A few months ago, I did an AIDS/Lifcycle group training ride following the CAT Series Tiburon Mini Loop, half of the Paradise Loop.  This time, Lynn led us a more scenic way, adding a few miles.  Total ride was about 45 miles.

Kosti Though we intended to ride  the whole loop, we started too late and the darkness (and coldness) creeped on us quickly.  We ended our ride at Big Lantern for hot and sour soup and dim sum.  Next time I hope for more clothing and sunlight.


Awarenes Test

le bon coin rencontre seniors A coworker forwarded the “Awareness Test” video to our companies “watercooler” list. It’s titled “Who Done It” and it and follows the classic murder-mystery narrative.


At the completion of the narrative, the question is posed “Do you notice the 21 changes?” The video then repeats the scene with a wide angle shot of a whole crew replacing props and furniture. Since I work in a video production house, I thought the focus was on film/video production. I re-watched this section a few times admiring the cinematography. Eventually I watched the video the whole way through to read,

“It’s easy to miss something you’re not looking for. On a busy street this could be fatal. Watch out for cyclists.”

(The video was credited to the Transport of London and the Mayor of London.  Awesome municipal efforts to protect cyclists.  Maybe San Francisco can come up with similar PSAs for people with shorter attention spans.)

Right after watching this video, I had an impromptu soup dinner with my friend Mo, who had just gotten dored a half block from his apartment.  Doring is always the driver’s fault.  They are opening their door into oncoming traffic.  Apparently the driver got defensive and started blaming Mo.  The truth is, the driver was not looking for a cyclist.

This reminded me of the “Who Done It?” video and when I got home I took all of the awareness tests on

Watch out for cyclists!


Sayer Camp Trail

Lynn and I rode south again yesterday.  We started at SF Panhandle and passed through The Great Highway, Skyline Blvd, Sawyer Camp Trail and Canada Rd to Atherton Caltrain.

12/21/2009 Panhandle-Atherton Caltrain
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This was the first time I rode Bluey (my new-to-me Terry Road Bike) on this route.  I felt the advantages right away.  I was able to keep closer to Lynn on the long inclines.  (She usually kicks my ass on the hills.)

We didn’t take the most direct route down south, but It’s always lovely to ride along the beach.  Skyline is not too crazy, though a car honked at me to cut me off and rush to a red light.  Typical, but not the road rage that ensued.  If I was alone I would have gone off on the driver.  Sawyer Trail has amazing views and wild life.  My iPhone pic doesn’t give it justice.

Canada Rd. is closed to traffic on Sundays for Bicycle Sundays.  We got to take up the whole lane and even ride side by side.  Great for chatting or at least listening when I couldn’t climb a hill and talk at the same time.

We ended up in Woodside, a small rich looking town, where we sat down to eat fancy sandwiches and fries!

After dinner we made it to Atherton Caltrain Station.  According to Lynn, Atherton is one of the most wealthy cities in the state.  She also convinced me I’d be arrested if I tried to pop a squat at the Caltrain Station, so I searched around and found an open library near by and used the facilities there.

I made it home satisfyingly tired after a detour via BART to a party at “The Big Pink House” and parting with Lynn.

Next week, we’re going north!


Bicycle Bondage Calendar

Finally finished the Bicycle Bondage Calendar.  Here are the thumbnails of the images in the calendar. Please support my ride for the AIDS/Lifecycle by buying a calendar or sponsor me directly at

I made so many mistakes making this calendar and would like another stab at it.  I’ve decided to start next year’s calendar January 1st!

More on credits and thanks. I have to get some sleep so I can wake up and ride down the Sawyer Camp Trail tomorrow!








China Camp

This weekend I took a bike camping trip up to China Camp with Lynn. We considered riding down to Pigeon Point but couldn’t secure a reservation, so instead, we took the challenge of camping in the cold at China Camp.

We followed the CAT Series route to the campsite and several stops along the way, including places that might carry a space blanket. (I read somewhere online that you can stay warmer if you place the blanket between the floor of the tent and your sleeping pad.)  We couldn’t find a space blanket but we found some Toastie Toes Toe Warmers at Walgreens and hoped that would suffice.

We arrived at the campsite near dusk.  I really had to pee, but thought it would be most important to focus on pitching the tent.  We set up the borrowed tent surprisingly fast.  I got a bit bossy in my anxiousness, but Lynn was patient with me.

We set up the tent just in time and I finally got to pee in the dark bathroom.  I regret not peeing by a tree because the bathroom creeped me out and made me think about the serial killers on Dexter.  When I got back to the tent I shared my fears w/ Lynn and made her text someone to let them know where we were.  I did the same.

The night time was not so bad.  I was mostly freaked by our own sounds– breathing, eyelashes rubbing against a sleeping bag, etc.  Some time in the night an acorn probably dropped on our tent and freaked the shit out of me.  I made up some elaborate story about how a tent steak under pressure came flying back at the tent. Even though this wasn’t the truth, it made me feel better.

It was about 37 degrees outside, but the tent was quite cozy.  We lined the tent floor with some newspapers we picked up along the way, placed a bed sheet on top of the newspapers and our sleeping pad on top of the bed sheet.  We also wore a few layers of clothes and attached the Toasty Toes between our layers of socks.  I’d say we were pretty comfortable.

We dallied a bit too much in the morning and didn’t end up leaving camp till noon when it started raining a little.  We packed up and decided to take the Golden Gate Transit 70 back to the city from San Rafael.  On the bus, we saw a cyclist riding along the shoreline and talked about what it might be like to ride our bikes in the cold but scenic wetness.  It left us wanting to ride more.

In the rush to get off the bus, I left my helmet under the seat.  I’m going to borrow one for a week and get a new one when I get paid in a week or so.  Also on my shopping list is waterproof gloves and warm socks!

Fun times.  Maybe we’ll ride down south next week.