rencontre femme Г  antananarivo Where are you from?

I’m originally from South Texas and have lived in San Francisco since December 2002. I consider the Bay Area my home now.

rencontres augc 2021 Fivestar, is that your real name?

It’s real in that it’s what everyone calls me (besides my parents and a few very old friends).

Panagyurishte How did you get the name Fivestar?

It was given to me by a dear friend, Mistress Mary Typhus. I feel there’s many reasons she gave me this name, but I believe the main reason is because I always wanted to do my best, to be good.

bbw dating free sites What is your preferred gender pronoun?

My preferred gender pronoun is “she/her”. To keep it (over)simplified, I primarily identify as an androgynous/genderqueer woman. I think that labels can be complicated and am happy to talk about my views on gender and sexuality with those who would like to submit questions.

How did you get into the porn industry?

I studied Women’s Studies and Intermedia Art (focusing on video) at Mills College. When I graduated, the first job I landed was at NakedSword.com encoding video for the web, making video promos, creating banners and adds and eventually editing video. Meanwhile, I was developing quite a taste for rope bondage and BDSM. This lead to a natural merge of porn and BDSM interests and accepting an editing job at Kink.com. Since then, I’ve worked on set and in pre and post-production in a variety of roles.

How long have you been working in the porn industry?

I’ve been working in the industry since July 2006.

Who do you learn rope bondage from?

I’ve learned rope bondage from a variety of people and from experiments I’ve done on myself (self suspension) and with others. My first rope event was at San Francisco Citadel’s Peer Rope Bondage Workshop in 2004. I’ve learned from a variety riggers in the community, Madame Butterfly, Max, Midori and several of the talented riggers to come through Kink.com: Lew Rubens, Lochai Nawa, James Mogul and Claire Adams. I’ve also learned a lot from various BDSM conferences and classes. I’m always looking to expand my knowledge of bondage and continue education as much as possible.

How do I get casted in one of your movies?

Currently, I’m a full time director at Kink.com so please go to the website and scroll down to the bottom and click on “model application.”  Fill one out and our talent recruiter will contact you, mention you would like to work on one of my sites. Also, you can hit me up on twitter and I’ll do my best to respond (most likely through our talent department).

Can I book you to shoot for my company/teach a class/a bondage demo or performance?

My schedule is currently pretty packed, but please e-mail me and I’ll be happy to consider your request!


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