Caracas, Venezuela 5x5x5 (secondsXclipsXsets)

pointedly I haven’t posted a video in a while and have a million excuses (including finding a new job and breaking my Sanyo Xacti E1, the camera I usually use for video blogging). Then I saw @Clintus’ post about a 5×5 project and how it was giving him a use for all of his back footage. Curious, I googled “5×5” and stumbled upon this massive online 5×5 vignette phenomenon. I spend a great deal of my time with video for the web and I still feel like I’ve been living under a rock. Generally 5×5 videos are five, five second video clips stringed together to make one short video.

samotne dziewczyny slask \
I sat down at my computer and looked through captured video from various projects and decided on clips I shot in 2006 for the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela. (I went as a delegate for Mills College, thanks for the trip Mills!)
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Our delegation conducted interviews about U.S. Imperialism and Social Justice around the world. (And yes, we sought and found the queers to ask them about being queer all over the world… well mostly South America). We reported back with our interviews but there was a lot of footage that I didn’t use. Some of it that would get lost or was not appropriate for that venue.

The 5×5 was a great impetus to further produce these lost and forgotten clips. I threw together 5 sets and call it a 5x5x5. I had so much fun, maybe I’ll do another before I go to bed!