Rope Management I love rope. Tying other people up, getting tied up by other people and self bondage. I’ve never actually found it necessary (considering my budget) to invest in more expensive and better quality hemp, silk or even bamboo rope. I’m sure its really nice, I just don’t have that kind of expendable income yet. (anyone want to sponsor me?)

bergamo incontri donna Instead, I just use regular old nylon rope from the hardware store. I take out the guts (the inside chord) to make it softer and easier to handle. It works exactly the way I need it to. On occasion, I also pick up cotton rope (sometimes branded “Power Rope”) at the multitude of 99 cent stores around SF. Since I can find unique and vibrant colors in this type of rope, I use it more for decorative rope “outfits”.

In my past 3 or so years of playing with ropes, I’ve had some annoying and mildly embarrassing moments laundering them. I’ve pulled out wet wads of clothes tangled around a rope while doing laundry in a crowded laundry mat. I’ve learned a thing or two doing my best to provide excellent service to some wonderfully deserving Mistresses. This time, I wasn’t thinking.

It’s not the end of the world, only slightly annoying and somewhat amusing. I eventually untangled the ropes and now they’re hanging all over my room to dry. This time I’ll be more intentional about the way I store my ropes and follow Monk’s advice(see video).