SF to Healdsburg

I decided to ride out to Healdsburg for Thanksgiving. I originally mapped out this route on Map My Ride.

11/25/2009 Healdsburg Route
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(Differing from the map: Once I hit Santa Rosa I took Petaluma highway to Stony Pt. Road, then a left on Piner, and a Right on Fulton. Fulton hit Old Redwood High Way which lead straight to Healdsburg.)

The hardest parts of the trip were the beginning and the ending. It took me forever to get going. I left my place around 8:30am. Three blocks later, I realized I forgot my air pump! On my final stretch to Healdsburg, I was fighting the darkness. Simona threatened to come pick me up after dark so I just kept spinning.

Heading out to Healdsburg.

Other challenges: I got lost twice. Once in Larkspur (confusing trail signs) and once in Petaluma (I took a wrong turn and rode in the opposite direction for a while).

red social para parejas y solteros It was hard to find places to pee. I felt like I couldn’t leave my bike alone and many places were closed on Thanksgiving. I didn’t feel like I could just pop a squat on the side of the road with my bike. I’ve peed on the side of the street while biking with a companion, I’m not quite sure why I couldn’t find the gumption to do it alone. Perhaps I should get a pee assistance device for the next time I go on a trip (especially alone).

I got there right as it was getting dark and while I rode up to Dolores’ place, everyone was gathered outside with a finish line ribbon, cameras and spankings! What a lovely chosen family!

While in Healdsburg, I ate way too much, rested a ton, went to yoga, visited, slept.

For my trip back, I decided to ride to Petaluma and take the Golden Gate Transit bus 80 from there. Stony Point Road was soooo nice, I decided to take that road for my return trip. On the way back I got stuck in my clip and fell down. I think this distracted me from my original plan and I ended up riding side streets along the 101, hardly as nice as Stony Point Road. When I got to the transit center in Petaluma, I really wanted to keep riding, but decided it was best to be left wanting more. Hopefully I’ll go bike camping with Lynn this coming weekend. We’ll see!

Otherwise there were a lot of firsts on this trip:

-First clip in.
-First fall from clips.
-First long ride on Bluey.
-First solo long ride.
-First time using a bike computer.
-First ride with new rack and panniers.
-First welcome party!