South Texas: North McAllen Short Loop

So, I’m in the Rio Grande Valley visiting my family this weekend.  I didn’t want to get behind on my training so I borrowed a Kuwahara mountain bike from my aunt (no one rents bikes here). 

I visited a couple of local bike shops (Wally’s Bike Shop and Bicycle World).  They all told me about Team McAllen’s bike rides and Mission Trails mountian bike trails.  I initially wanted to ride South to the border (10 miles away) but my mother convinced me that I’d get shot, so I decided to ride north.  Here was my 18.5 mile route.


The flat landscape is flat and populated with crop fields.

I ran into a cyclist that encouraged me to do 6 mile laps with him but I decided to keep exploring.

Maybe I should have joined him.  A few minutes later, I got attacked by two dogs!!  They ran out into the street and started snapping at my feet.  I freaked out and paused.  They gained more control.  I swerved to the other side of the street hoping they wouldn’t follow me. I screamed at them at the top of my lungs, “NO, NO, STAY BACK!”  They still were barking and snapping at me.  One of them bit me (not breaking skin) and got me by the sock!  I decided the only way to lose them was to ride faster, and I was right.  I should have never slowed down to begin with, they just caught me off guard.

A passing car shouted at me “Necesitas un látigo!” (You need a whip!).  I imagined what it would be like to ride a bike and use a whip at the same time.  I have often been afraid that dogs might attack me on my bike, but this was the first time they actually did.  I wonder what other people do about it besides try to out speed them.

After this, I decided to head back.  I wasn’t sure where there might be more dogs.  On the way back, dogs that were fenced in large lots of land would aggressively chase me along the fence until it ended. Sheesh!

I made it back to my parent’s place safe but I think I’ll ride more in developed places this time, perhpas I’ll even ride to Mission Trails and check it out.  Hopefully I can squeeze another bike ride in.