Twin Peaks: Zero Visibility

Sumaré Yesterday, I woke up to the sound of cars swishing on wet asphalt.  I wondered if it was too wet to ride but decided to gear up anyway.  I used to be really resistant to spandex because I saw it as a barrier to people riding bicycles.  Though you don’t have to wear spandex or Lycra to ride a bicycle, it can have some magical effects!  Right leg warmer, left leg warmer, right arm warmer, left arm warmer, shorts, undershirt, jersey, socks, ratchet cycling shoes, yellow neon reflective jacket that’s a whole lot of gear and once it’s on I better be going for a ride!

philanthropically Air misty, roads wet, drivers crazy (as they always are in the rain), I headed out on my ride up to and up Twin Peaks sponsored by Carnal Nation, a San Francisco based sex positive news and entertainment website.  (Check it out, they’re cool!)

Compared to the previous day’s climb up San Bruno Mountain, Twin Peaks was easy!  The weather effected the number of people usually on Twin Peaks.  I saw a jogger, a man walking his dog and no one else! Usually there are tourists checking out the amazing views.  The weird thing about yesterday was that there was no view and I could barely see 20 feet in front of myself.

I’ve never seen it that way.  I found myself wondering “Does anything exist beyond this fog?”  It was hard to remember what it looks like on a clear day.  It felt like a different place.  Trippy!

Thanks again Carnal Nation!  I’m still looking for my Twin Peaks rides sponsors for next week!



This blog is intended to help me document my adventures with my new bicycle and my training for the AIDS/LifeCycle. They have a blog component on their website but it’s extremely confusing and hard to use. So I’m trying this.

My goal for the AIDS/LifeCycle is to raise $5,000 by June. So far I have $150. By the end of the week, I’m promising myself that I will send out an email to friends.

I’m also working no a bicycle bondage calender and I’m hoping I’ll post information about that here as well.