SF Pride 2008: Rope Check out a random assemblage of clips featuring my pride weekend with rope! Thanks to Kara for letting me dress her up, Tanya for kicking my ass (yes, I know I look like a wuss… but I’m tiny and was distracted… I want a rematch, even if I know I’ll loose.). Special thanks to Jez and Karole for excellent camera work. Additionally, thanks to all the queers who shared the love at Pride this year.

Snippets from the Trans March

site de rencontre avec des canadiens I kicked off this Holigay with the San Francisco Trans March. In anticipation for the march, people (and their dogs) gather at Dolores Park to mingle and rally-up. The performance stage captures a willing audience but I spent my pre-march time distracted by all my friends, acquaintances and hot people.

The March began in a fairly typical manner; banners, chanting, fabulous outfits. The magic reached its climax when the Trans March collided with Critical Mass, a monthly bicycle demonstration. People from both contingencies were cheering and screaming. Bicyclists raised their bicycles above their heads. After a few minutes at the convergence on Market and Castro, many bicyclists joined the March back to the park.