San Francisco San Mateo Partial Loop Today, Lynn and I expanded on our South Bay ride, Sawyer Camp Trail to Woodside followed the SFtoG Bayway route backwards.  This time, we went a few miles further to the Milbrae BART station to complete a 60 mile ride.

szybkie randki wroc aw opinie It was much like before but took less time. We knew where to go and didn’t need to stop and look at the map.  (Thank goodness, since I forgot it at home!)

égly rencontre en ligne This time, I got some pictures of the cats by the San Mateo Bridge and more info about them from a sign on the trail.  Apparently, an organization exists, The Homeless Cat Network, to care for and control the population of these cats.

We also passed by a few golfing facilities including Mariner’s Point Driving Range.

Since we beat the sunset this time, we got to check out more amazing landscapes.  I really want to go back with more time and a better camera.  (Also, check out how neat this area is from a satellite view.)

On this ride, I became inspired to step up my training for the AIDS/Lifecycle.  I think this means two longish rides on the weekend and some shorter rides during the week.  I never made it to the spinning class.  6:30am is a little early for me to do anything.  I did however make it up to Twin Peaks before work one day this week. We’ll see!